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RGB Mouse Pad

Custom RGB Mouse Pad: 12 colors Luminous keyboard pad, luminous mode: Red, light blue, yellow, white, purple, dark blue, orange, green, pink, 9 colors of circular breathing, dreamlike riot, running horse lamp effect, high-density woven cloth surface, soft and delicate, feel smooth, provide smooth sliding space for hands, smooth mouse movement, more random control, thickened rubber bottom, even if the mouse violently sliding, It's still going to stay in the same place. Accurate tracking and positioning, led gaming mouse pad compatible with most mice on the market, provides accurate tracking and positioning performance for the mouse, so that the mouse is stable and accurate when moving, more sensitive response, power off storage memory, will not restore the default light effect after power off, you can keep the light effect before power off without adjustment, long press the switch for 3 seconds, you can turn on/off the light effect, figure 8 shading design, Thickened non-slip bottom surface, firmly fit the desktop does not slide, use more comfortable, 3mm thickness edge, effectively prevent the mouse pad surface curling, reduce wear, improve the durability of the mouse pad, double-sided V multiple locking, prolong the use cycle of the mouse pad, long time use no friction arm, additional Micro USB data cable.

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Memory cotton Ergonomic Foam Keyboard Mat Wrist RGB Mouse Pad
Supports personalized pattern customization,professional map customization, can be customized size thickness and personality map specific please consult customer service.
Rubber bottom rebound memory cotton RGB wrist guard mouse pad
Smooth fabric, precise tracking surface, non-slip rubber sole to grip firmly while playing, LED gaming mouse pad with premium texture, super smooth Lycra surface to more accurately track mouse movement, ensuring accurate positioning during play. Suitable for all types of wired, wireless, optical and mechanical mice.
New multi-light effect variation RGB gaming mouse mat
A variety of patterns, arbitrary purchase, a variety of patterns can be placed at will, not tired of looking at the choice of your personalized customization. Plug and Play: Can be set with your favorite full color. Use it in your office or home. If you're a gamer, a graphic designer, or you just want to decorate your style. Surprise your friends with this great RGB mouse pad gift.
Comfortable eco-friendly memory cotton game RGB mouse pad keyboard pad
13 RGB lighting modes :7 monochrome static lights and 6 color dynamic light modes, RGB wrist mouse pad, static light effects (7 colors): red, blue, green, purple, light blue, yellow, white, running lamp effects, Dynamic lighting effects (6 colors): Color breathing, flowing color breathing, clockwise flow cycle motion, counterclockwise flow cycle motion, clockwise color cycle motion, counterclockwise color cycle motion. Long press 3 seconds to switch, just press to turn on and off the light. Shutdown memory function, so that the mouse pad in the power back into the light mode before shutdown. Decorate your game board space with cool and colorful RGB lights.
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