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Heated Mouse Pad

Heating mouse pad: the surface pattern adopts new heat transfer technology, clear printing, transparent and bright color, high resolution, clear picture, uniform heating, leather material, precision edge locking, fine surrounding edge packaging process, prevent leather and rubber sole separation, waterproof and non-permeable, wet and non-leakage of electricity, under the state of electricity, water cup accidentally fall, splashing water without penetration phenomenon. Innovative three-layer design, waterproof leather layer, heating layer, anti-slip shading layer, warm every corner, built-in intelligent chip, power on 3 hours after use automatically shut down, in order to prevent forget shutdown caused by excess power consumption and other safety risks, three temperature control mode, low temperature - comfortable, medium temperature - warm warm enjoy, high temperature - warm around a button is warm, warm the whole winter end of the year.Sanxing is your best choice of mouse pad supplier.

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The Heat-Generating Mouse Pad is a revolutionary accessory that combines functionality, comfort, and efficiency. With its built-in heating element, it provides soothing warmth to your hand while working, enhancing both your comfort level and productivity.
The Heated Mouse Pad is a cozy and practical accessory that ensures your hands stay warm while working or browsing the internet. With its built-in heating feature, you can stay comfortable and maintain productivity even in colder environments.
Durable PU leather, warm desktop pad made of durable PU leather material, delicate and soft texture, four layers of material carefully designed and selected materials, let you feel its advanced touch, edge stitching, waterproof, leakproof, easy to clean, size :700*330*3mm, large heating area provides enough heat.
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