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Keyboard Pad

Custom keyboard pad: every detail, highlight the exquisite quality, new heat transfer and fit technology, clear and bright picture, can be washed without fading, and make the cloth and the bottom rubber closely combined, not edge more durable ergonomic design, allow the natural movement of the hand and wrist, healthy online without worry, reduce wrist wear, soft memory cotton support, improve comfort, about 22mm wrist guard height, The wrist can be comfortably placed on the soft wrist support memory foam keyboard pad, non-slip rubber bottom, increase stability, in the intense game operation, still steady as a rock, avoid unnecessary movement, protect your wrist.

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The keyboard mouse pad is a versatile accessory designed to provide a smooth surface for a mouse and a cushioned rest for a keyboard. Its sleek design and durable construction make it a practical addition to any desk setup.
The "Cartoon Logo Ergonomic Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest Mouse Pad for Computer Office Home" is a comfortable and supportive wrist rest mouse pad designed with memory foam to provide ergonomic support while typing and using the mouse. Its adorable cartoon logo makes it a fun addition to any computer setup, whether at the office or at home.
The Custom Logo Memory Foam Keyboard Mouse Wrist Rest Gaming Mouse pad for Office is a cartoon-inspired gaming accessory that combines comfort and functionality. Made from silicone gel, it provides excellent wrist support and ensures smooth mouse movements, making it perfect for both office and gaming setups.
Lycra grid surface, wear resistance, scratch resistance, heat resistance, smooth operation, soft and comfortable, HD pattern printing, customizable, a variety of colors and styles available. Ergonomic design of wrist guard, scientific care of your wrist, give the wrist soft support.
Pattern printing is clear and not easy to wear, Scientific design of wrist brace height, to give the wrist comfortable support. Q elastic silicone filled, silicone filled mouse pad soft Q elastic, prevent wrist soreness, wrist calluses, let your wrist relieve fatigue.
20mm high wrist guard, ergonomic design, care for your wrist at all times. The memory sponge has the characteristics of slow rebound, shock absorption and decompression. It fits well to the skin, evenly distributes wrist pressure, and lasts for a long time.
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